I’m proud to present you my new art-project GENEROSITY.

GENEROSITY is the result of many years of reflections about the role of art in our society. This work can find a place everywhere, can be realised for everyone. From private to public command. Outside or inside. For your living or your building. For all kind of budget. In personal dialogue with you or your organisation GENEROSITY can have different form, format and can use different medium.


GENEROSITY is a democratic statement and open-call. 

So, let’s have a talk and I’ll send you an artistic proposition with your own GENEROSITY.


Contact me for a date or for more information.

+32 0497 46 44 17


Please don’t forget also to spread the word to your network and think about GENEROSITYwhen you will make an original present... for yourself, for somebody else or for the society.


Warm regards,

Ben Benaouisse