The Contemporary Museum is not a museum of contemporary art. It is a museum where the term art has disappeared.

The idea is simple: instead of showing works created by artists in the museum, the Contemporary Museum shows objects that residents / organizations own, both in their interiors and those buried in storage, attics, garages, .. .


To this end I intend to go to meet the inhabitants and workers to discover these objects. The goal is to find unique, sensational, banal, beautiful, ugly pearls, ... I don't care ... as long as these "autonomous" objects have in themselves a potential to touch, aesthetically or emotionally, the visitor of the Museum. These objects discovered during my prospecting will thus be presented in the Contemporary Museum and will form the material of the exhibitions. In this sense, the artist’s work has not completely disappeared here but has been moved to another level of functioning.


These exhibits will have the force of a double status: both "intangible and material". Intangible in its "art" and material in the figurative, functional sense, etc.
The decontextualization of their original environment, in order to be able to present them in a museum context, aims to create an idea of ​​contemporaneity (for example between what is exposed and the real world in which we live).


With the exhibition Chambre d´amis (S.M.A.K. 1986) Jan Hoet had the idea of ​​showing works of art at the inhabitant's place - and this instead of showing these works inside the museum. In the Contemporary Museum, objects selected from the locals are displayed inside the museum.


The Contemporary Museum will not stop at the object but will also take the "living" into consideration. A Department for Performance in a way, in which I would invite people to exhibit their "know-how". Signed by the curator / artist to certify this knowledge inside the Contemporary Museum


Ben Benaouisse